don’t you want to know how this ends?
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neon gods: for the new gods that surround us, the thumping beat in your throat, the lights flickering,and the alcohol flowing through your skin.

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by all means call out john green on his bullshit don’t stand for one bit of it but while you’re at it don’t throw the 13 year old girls who read his books under the bus with him for crying over fictional boys and photoshopping flower crowns onto things and blogging about their social anxiety protect them at all fucking costs

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Lights of Lombard, San Francisco | California (by Jared Ropelato)

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Not a lot of people know what it feels like to be angry, in your bones. I mean, they understand… foster parents.. everybody understands - for awhile. Then they want the angry little kid to do something he knows he can’t do: move on. So after awhile they stop understanding. They send the angry kid to a boys home. I figured it out too late. You gotta learn to hide the anger, practice smiling in the mirror. It’s like putting on a mask.

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"i was born in the wrong century," the girl sighs as she imagines a future where women have full ownership of their own bodies

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Color Harmonies, Megan Cooper

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